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Ise AI Insights #04: On-demand content at scale with GenAI

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Vanessa Yan
Vanessa Yan

(Ise is pronounced as "ee-say")

Content marketing is essential for building brand awareness and customer engagement, but not all brands have the resources or capacity to produce content inhouse. Smaller brands tend to outsource content creation to third-party production teams. However, many brand managers tell us that working with these production teams is expensive, takes weeks of back-and-forth communication, and often does not 100% align with the brand’s creative DNA and/or campaign objectives. With Ise’s Creative Intern, brand managers can launch new content on-demand within minutes.

Working with external production teams is often a time-consuming and fragmented process. First, identifying the right production team with the right specialties and aesthetic that match your brand identity is a tall task. Second, back-and-forth communication with production teams is labor intensive and often creates timing bottlenecks. Other pain points we’ve heard is that photographers limit how many photos you can get out of a shoot and also limit the duration of your usage rights to a few months, or in some cases, only 30 days. Last but not least, production teams typically charge as much as $10k per day for a photoshoot in order to cover the costs of hiring models, renting a location, and coordinating logistics.

All of these costs can be obviated with Generative AI. Using Ise AI’s Creative Intern, you can create content that is personalized to your brand vision and guidelines within minutes at 1/10th of existing costs. Our AI Interns are trained to learn your brand aesthetic and will continuously adapt and improve as it gathers feedback on your preferences.

The Ise AI difference:

  1. Quick ramp up on your brand DNA: Ise provides a personalized AI Intern that is trained on your brand DNA to ensure consistent look and messaging across campaigns and content types. We leave an option to adjust and refine brand aesthetics as needed.

  2. Ultra-realistic output: Our proprietary Intern has a built-in function that generates pixels in only the desired areas. It is able to respect details in the original product and polish output to ensure facial features, model rendering, and other details pass the believability test.

  3. Room for customization without steep prices: Unlike production teams that often charge additional fees for content iteration, Ise’s Creative Intern allows for unlimited adjustment and customization (model’s look, photo background, and more).

  4. Intuitive UX: Our user interface does not require you to manually re-scale product image, overlay, or photoshop product and reference images when initiating content requests. Our algorithm is able to read and understand product features appropriately.

As brands strive to remain competitive and agile in a rapidly evolving market, embracing generative AI becomes crucial for achieving marketing efficiency and delivering compelling campaigns that resonate with consumers. While GenAI can be a powerful tool, it's still valuable to have humans ensure that any generated content will resonate with your target audience.

Ise AI builds technology that serves humans. To see how we build Gen AI tools to transform the retail industry, sign up for a free photoshoot (limited time promotion). Lastly, follow the Ise AI Insights series to learn more.

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